Preparation for B.C.S Preliminary Exam

Most of the candidate want to collect lecture sheet,model Question for BCS Preliminary Examination. Someone buy different kinds of books to take preparation for the exam. Here we have provided some tips and tricks for the BCS Preliminary Exam. 
Preparation for B.C.S Preliminary Exam
BCS is among the most hard exams you face in search of a career in Bangladesh. While you all know, B.C.S commence by using a Preliminary exam. This exam is regarded to be the toughest of each of the exams a candidate face inside the entire system. You got just 60 minutes to solution one hundred issues and also the syllabus might be regarded as an Ocean! These two elements mixed - make the Preliminary most challenging. Ironically although, scores of preliminary exam aren't additional during the variety course of action. So, all you may need to accomplish is pass. Here really are a few guidelines for good results in BCS exam: 

Step One: Because the to begin with step each B.C.S candidate should really consider, you must acquire the query paper of B.C.S preliminary exam from 10-29th and resolve them completely. Tiny booklets containing basic information can be observed in practically every library of Dhaka 

Before you start preparing for your BCS preliminary, buy it and solve all questions. There are 5 section from where the questions are generally made: General knowledge, English, Bengali, Science, Maths. Every subject is equally important for a candidate.

Step Two: Building General knowledge for BCS Preliminary Exam:- It does not have any syllabus and regardless of how substantially you research, it really is sure that you'll never be capable of answer complete questions. There are plenty of books while in the market containing all of the details about Basic Understanding. 

Besides you can read Processors Current Worldand Current Affairs. 

Step Three: Bengali preparation for BCS Preliminary Exam:- Bengali is much easier for most of the candidates. Being a successful B.C.S Cadre, I came to know that you practice 3 Bengali books for preliminary exam
  • A good preliminary Bangla Guide Professors/oracle
  • Soumita Shekhar's BCS preliminary Bangla and
  • Bangla Sahittyer Itihas (Mahbubul Alam).
You do not really need to memorize anything - just read them over and over in order that you may recognize the proper solution in the provided possibilities. Usually do not bother about Bengali Grammar. Questions associated with Bengali Grammar hardly comes during the exam. Keep in mind 80% with the queries in Bengali are taken from Literature. 

Step Four: English Preparation for BCS Preliminary Exam:- Nowadays English has 2 phases:
  • Grammer
  •  Literature.
Question mostly come from Grammar. In the event you study the previous preliminary question completely you'll be able to understand the topics that are covered eg: voice, narration, subject-verb agreement, phrasal verbs, idiom-phrases are the most hot subjects. Research these topics from class 9-10,11-12 text books . World wide web also can consider a fantastic element inside your road to accomplishment. 

Step Five: Science Preparation for BCS Preliminary Exam:- For science you may need a great BCS preliminary science guide (Oracle/mp3 S.S.C Basic Science books and question papers from exams of previous years. Like all other topic preliminary query will show you what to research. 

Step Six: Maths Preparation for BCS Preliminary Exam:- In BCS preliminary exam math will be the simplest of each of the subject. You are able to use Saifur's Math / Class 8 math book for extra practice. You need to attempt to get total marks in math since it will allow you to to pass the exam than uncertain Basic Knowledge query. As a substitute of studying Basic Awareness hours following hours study maths. 

Tips and tricks for BCS Preliminary Exam:- The query that makes you baffled should really be prevented. For each incorrect answer they penalize you with 1.five marks.1 mark for wrong solution and 0.five marks for what you got proper. But when you see that you're not being able to ensure 40-50 marks it would be greater to consider a risk and solution questions that you are 50% positive. The night before the exam is extremely crucial for the many college students as well as candidates. 
You need to have a sound sleep at night. It will eventually enable mental performance to operate more efficiently. In summary, I will tell you something that there is nothing extremely hard in the world. Don't let yourself be worried as well as frightened by seeing that huge syllabus - simply begin studying. Provide the best, you will certainly perform excellent in your own examination. Best of luck.